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zarin taslima
Jul 07, 2022
In Temples in Varanasi
This is a very solid, local concept, using the lunar calendar to speak ethnic languages, learn farming, and observe nature. I was very moved to receive this calendar, but I was attracted by it. I was used to using the Dazhugaoxi River Valley and wrote a lot of annotations on the calendar. I seem to have fallen into a trap, starting in August of the first cycle of the calendar year, and immersing myself in July, the millet harvest festival. This statement is quite heartening to me, and it seems like a small step in the right direction at last. I remember that in the early days of Dongda’s implementation of the Humanities Innovation and Social Practice Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology (referred to as the Human and Social Practice Project), I always used a set of open but vague banner design statements to explain the human and social practice plan to the residents of Dazhugaoxi. The ideal of painting: "I want to do something with you that you want to do". The reason why Dongda University chose this area as the main execution site is that it was attracted by the rich Paiwan culture preserved in the area, and then tried to promote social practice programs based on local perspectives. However, the overall operation mode still depends on the internal participants of the university. Depending on the major, the objectives and topics of inquiry are preset. For example, in order to understand the care mechanism from the perspective of the Paiwan ethnic group, I was assigned to the Wenjian Station to try to understand the daily life of the elderly participating in activities, and to think about how to work with the care attendants (referred to as care attendants) to promote a care model that fits the cultural context, and hopes to I hope that through the process of interacting with Wenjian Station, I can absorb nutrients.

zarin taslima

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