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Sankat Mochan Temple

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Sankat Mochan temple is one of the important and angelic temples of Varanasi amid in the southern allotment of the city. It is committed to Shri Pawanputra Lord Hanuman. Tulsidas, the columnist of the acclaimed Hindu ballsy Ramacharitamanas, founded the Sankat Mochan temple at the sight where he got the vision of Lord hanuman during his life.  Every Tuesday and Saturday, bags of admirers and devotees chain up in foreground of the Sankat Mochan temple to action prayers to Lord Hanuman. According to Vedic Astrology, Hanuman protects animal beings from the baleful furnishings of planet Saturn Shani and those who accept ill placed Saturn in their astrological charts go to the Sankat Mochan Temple for remedy. People abode “Sindoor” on the Lord and offer laddoos .  The “Sindoor”, from the bronze of Lord Hanuman is accustomed as alms to the devotees. Bi-Weekly ceremonies are held every Tuesdays and Saturdays when Akant nama sangeerthanam especially “Kishkindha Kanda” and “Sundera Kand” of Ramcharitmans are recited.

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