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Nepali Temple


The King of Nepal had built this temple on Lalita ghat on Ganga river at Varanasi in Nepali style. This Nepali temple is also called the Kathwala temple. The temple has some magnificent and articulate woodwork. Tourists from all over the world come just to see this temple which has no comparison with any other temple in India because of its magnificence  The workers and sculptures who carved this temple out were brought from Nepal. The wood which is used in the temple is also found in Nepal. The specialty of this wood is that even termites do not eat this wood. There is a statue of Nandi Bull outside the garbagriha and inside the garbagriha there is a shivalinga called Pashupatinath Mahadeva. Also known as the Kathwala temple, it has an extremely serene ambience. Set in this tranquil backdrop, is a widows’ ashram that is supported by the temple. Visitors should note that photography is only allowed outside the temple.

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