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“kāśayati prakāśayati iti kāśi.”

The source of Light of the Universe is Kashi.

Both physically and metaphorically Banaras shines bright. Even Mirza Ghalib the celebrated poet describes the city in one of his mathnavis as ‘Chirag-e-dair’.

A city as old as time. A city that has seen the world turn, tides change and generations of humans born and died. Banaras has been standing the test of times for over 5000 years,

and it is invariably the oldest inhabited city in the world. What draws millions of pilgrims from all over the world to the city of Banaras is the fact that it is one of the holiest of the 7 sacred cities in Hinduism. Called the Spiritual capital of India,

this magnificent city of learning radiates endless energy. Despite being witness to ancient civilisation come and go over centuries,

Banaras is still alive, unabashedly colourful, vibrant and wonderfully rich in history and legends. It is the home of Vishwanath, the Lord of the Universe. 

Experience Banaras like a Banarsi

Exceeding Your Expectations


Exploration Walks

Walking is the best way to discover the soulful city of Banaras.

Listen to spectacular stories, meet people who weave history, culture, mythology, and folk tales together, to make the most of your stay. 
Venture out with amazing storytellers to unknown temples and enjoy the charm of the oldest living city.

Boat Rides

Ganga, the river of the Gods, flows through Varanasi, making the most eventful and lively meanderings. Ride a boat and witness the forts, palaces, and temples dotting the ghats. Despite thousands flocking every day to the city, the solitude you experience is inexplicable. The sunrise, followed by the musically rich,
Subah-e-Banaras floating into the Ganga Aarati at sunset, is not to be missed.


Local Flavours

If you haven’t wandered and sat at a roadside tapri, you can’t experience the soul of  Banaras. Let us take you around for a treat - going down the narrow lanes to enjoy the chaats, lassi, and kachauri jalebi that is particular of the city. In winters, “malaiyo” is a special delight.

Yoga Mornings

Yoga is an ancient science of balancing and harmonizing the body, mind, and emotions. Rejuvenate through riverside yoga classes, learning the aasanaas, pranayama, and meditation. Where else can you bend your body and mind in one experience?

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Banaras has its own rhythm, and if you look closely, 
you too can feel its song. From dawn to dusk, there are sitars being tuned, sarods rehearsed, tablas mastered, and the nuances of ragas captured.  Classical music echoes everywhere. There is live music throughout the year. However, October to April is the peak season, when concerts are held nearly every week. While we take you out to enjoy different music programs, we also organise such events in-house.

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Word of Mouth



This Guesthouse will give you an amazing experience of India. Ideally located on the Ganges, the view is stunning. The room was clean, the service good, value for money amazing and the location fabulous. Getting to the guest house is an adventure through narrow walkways shared with motorbikes, push bikes, cows and dogs, it is one of those experiences you would not want to miss!

I would recommend this guest house to anyone. 



— Colleen LBrisbane, Australia


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